Are the Miami Dolphins the right fit for Dalvin Cook if he wants a big payday?

The Miami Dolphins and Dalvin Cook have been flirting all off-season, but no deal has been finalized yet. Why is that? Let's analyze why below.
Jan 8, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook (4) runs the ball
Jan 8, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook (4) runs the ball / Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

There's no need to sugar coat it, Dalvin Cook is one of the best and most efficient RB in the NFL and it would be sillyfor the Miami Dolphins not to sign him. That statement is true, in theory. But what many are not considering are that Dalvin Cook is prone to injury, and he's also getting up there in age for a RB (27).

Let's address the injury part first, Dalvin Cook has suffered a shoulder injury in the last two seasons but many people forget that detail since Cook missed little to no time. Instead of sitting out Dalvin Cook played with a harness, he put up some monster numbers with the harness as well.

Relying on your RB to play through injury is a big risk especially if Dalvin Cook wants a payday that is comeptitive with the RB market today. The Miami Dolphins or Dalvin Cook will have to give in some ground if they want to reach a deal, Cook definitely deseves his money but the Dolphins are doing the right thing playing it safe given the circumstances.

Dalvin Cook had his best season rushing in 2020 where he put up a career-high 1,557 yards on the ground. in 2021 and 2022 Cook dealt with injuries and finished both seasons playing on a harness for a bad shoulder. Cook rushed for 1,159 yards in 2021 and 1,173 yards in 2022.

Dalvin Cook by the numbers - 2022:

I know what you're thinking, even a hurt Dalvin Cook is light years ahead of what the Miami Dolphins have available right now. But will Cook's numbers transition as seamlessly as we all think? "Dalvin Cook has been a great RB all his career so he will just be great again in Miami!" I don't think it's that simple.

Dalvin Cook also averaged 4.4 Yards Per Carry in 2022 which is his worst YPC in his entire NFL career, however, that stat on the Miami Dolphins would actually be impressive. One of the biggest reasons the Miami Dolphins running game has been mediocre in past years is a bad offensive line, how much better is the OL this year?

Should the Miami Dolphins sign Dalvin Cook?

In the end I hope the Miami Dolphins sign Dalvin Cook. I'm sure both parties are eager to get a deal done but in this business things usually come down to who gives an inch first. If the Miami Dolphins can get Dalvin Cook for the right price then get him to Miami ASAP! But if Cook is only going to accept a game-breaking bag then the Dolphins might not be the right fit.

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