Dolphins draft: The best 10 players Miami could take in the 2nd round of the 2024 NFL Draft

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Xavier Legette - WR - South Carolina

Xavier Legette
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I haven't taken adequate time to watch Legette this offseason, as I thought there was no way Miami takes a pass catcher unless it's a TE, but now... I'm not so sure. Reports (and Legette himself) suggest he is going at the latest at 33 to the Panthers, but the draft process is a cruel mistress, and sometimes, teams lie. Legette gives Miami another YAC machine and one with the body type many fans want. He is tall and big with great speed and RAC ability. He has great hands and is a great jump-ball guy. I think Legette in this offense could be deadly if he is available at 55.

Xavier Worthy - WR - Texas

Well, we all know McDaniel's real name is Mikey McSpeed so this would be no shock. Worthy is more than just fast though. His speed and quickness make him a good route runner, and his hands have improved over time. He will still have frustrating drops, and he is one of the smaller receivers in the class, but he could be a great option to learn under Tyreek and Waddle to take the reins when Hill's time is up. He may not be Tyreek, but he could surely be Jaylen Waddle's Jaylen Waddle if you catch my drift.

Ja'Tavion Sanders - TE - Texas

So a few weeks ago, I was pounding the table for this guy at 55. However, the league seems to have cooled on him over that time. I still think he will be a great NFL TE, but my questions about him are surrounding the need for another TE. Jonnu could hold that spot up for a couple of seasons, and there are plenty of great players in round 2. Sanders is a terrific athlete, despite some less-than-stellar testing numbers. He does a great job of finding pockets of space in the defense and plays well with the ball in his hand. As far as pass catchers go, I would love to see Sanders in Miami. I just wonder now if 55 is a bit too early for him.