Mike McDaniel’s reaction to the Dolphins landing Jaylen Wright was priceless

It doesn't take much to get Mike McDaniel excited, but this draft pick got him juiced
Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel runs off the field following a defeat at the hands of their
Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel runs off the field following a defeat at the hands of their / BILL INGRAM/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA

Mike McDaniel loves the game of football and he gets excited when he gets new players. During the draft, one player got him moving and his arm in the air. Seriously, this clip of McDaniel losing his mind is sure to make you smile.

The Miami Dolphins traded into Round 4 to surprisingly draft another running back and it was enough to get McDaniel pumped. Jaylen Wright will be the next piece in the McDaniel puzzle and as you can tell from this video, he's fired up about the youngster's potential:

Jaylen Wright joins a Dolphins RBs room loaded with talent

Wright will be another speedster in the Dolphins offense that McDaniel can work with, mold, shape and eventually use to replace Raheem Mostert. There is time before that happens. Judging by McDaniel's expression, this was a guy he had been hoping would land in his lap. The pick was made better with it being reported the Cowboys wanted Wright, but Miami traded up in front of Dallas to land him. Take that, Jerry Jones.

In 2023, McDaniel reacted similarly to the drafting of De'Von Achane. This seems to be a theme for the former 49ers running backs coach. McDaniel will enter the 2024 training camp sessions with one of the deepest rosters in the NFL and especially in the AFC East.

  • Raheem Mostert
  • De'Von Achane
  • Jeff Wilson Jr.
  • Jaylen Wright
  • Chris Brooks
  • Salvon Ahmed

The Dolphins won't be able to keep everyone on the roster and there has been speculation that Wilson and Ahmed both could be out come September. The drafting of Wright makes it almost a certainty that Ahmed is gone.

Mostert was asked specifically about Wright's drafting, and he didn't need to think about it. "The More, the merrier" was his to-the-point response to the increased running backs room. Mostert has nothing to worry about. He is the starter entering the season and will split carries with last year's surprise hit Achane. Now, we get to see what Wright will bring to the room as well.