Post Free Agency: Top 3 positions the Miami Dolphins need to focus on in the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is approaching and the Miami Dolphins have work to do as the pool of potential free agents dries up.

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The Miami Dolphins need defensive tackle help in a bad way.

Who knew that when Christian Wilkins took that Capt. Insano contract from the Raiders that it would leave a Grand Canyon-like hole in the middle of the defensive line?

It's a bit of a crapshoot trying to figure out what kind of defense Anthony Weaver will be running in Miami. When Weaver was in Houston as their defensive coordinator, he ran a 4-3 with a ton of single high safety. When Weaver was on Baltimore, the defense ran a lot of 3-3-5 with mostly a 2-high safety look. This article from Dante Collinelli of Sports Illustrated delves into Weaver's history and potential approach much deeper than I can.

Either way, the Miami Dolphins need more talent on the defensive front. Currently, the starting defensive tackles/defensive ends in the event Miami does run a three-man front are Zach Sieler, Benito Jones, and Da'Shawn Hand. Let me tell you that's thin. That's Fruit Roll-Up thin.

I love Seiler but he is but one man. The Miami Dolphins need more and somewhere in this draft, they need to get a guy. Honestly, they need to get two players that potentially can contribute this season.

I'm not going to list the top defensive tackles because they're probably going to be gone before Miami drafts. A few of the realistic players I would like the Dolphins to investigate are Braden Fiske from Florida State and Michael Hall Jr. from Ohioe St. These guys did well against some of the best competition. That matters to me when it comes to a tough and rough position like the interior defensive line.