The Miami Dolphins must trust in Cam Smith and not draft a CB

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Entering the 2024 NFL Draft, Chris Grier must realize that his secondary, in terms of CB, is set. It's time he trusts Cam Smith.

Grier drafted Cam Smith in the 2nd round of the 2023 NFL Draft and he managed to make an impact on special teams, the only time he was allowed out of Vic Fangio's doghouse. Grier saw something in Smith. Enough that he used his first pick in the draft on him.

Entering this year, the Dolphins let Xavien Howard go and that leaves a hole that Miami hopes Kendall Fuller will fill. The Dolphins also brought back Nik Needham and Elijah Campbell. Kader Kohou is also back.

The Dolphins have 8 cornerbacks on the roster and will likely enter off-season workouts with at least another four. Some will come from the undrafted rookie pool and some will be added from the free-agency market.

What Grier needs to do is avoid drafting a corner. If Cam Smith isn't it, then Grier needs to know that this year. He drafted him. It's his mistake or it's Fangio's for not using him. The Dolphins have six picks in this year's draft and those are valuable.

In rounds one and two, Miami has to address the defensive front and the offensive line. They won't pick again until the middle of round 5. If Grier wants a CB, draft one in round six or seven.

Cam Smith showed some promise in camp last year before he disappeared into the Fangio abyss.

The Dolphins tend to hold on to players far too long with the hopes of them turning their careers around but in the case of Smith, we really don't know what he can do or what kind of NFL player he will become.

If the Dolphins draft a CB early or if they trade back and draft a CB on one of the first two days of the draft, clearly the thought is Smith isn't close to being ready or what the Dolphins thought he would be. There would be no trust there. In that case, trade him.

The point is, that this is an important offseason and year for Smith. He has a new coaching staff in place and that gives him a reset button. Miami has to show faith in him to get the job done and compete for playing time if not a starting job.

One possibility is Jalen Ramsey moving off the boundary to play more of a safety role allowing him to cover the best WRs they are facing. This would allow Smith to start opposite of Fuller, it would solve part of Miami's safety problems and could be the perfect fit for everyone.

If the Dolphins draft a CB early, we will know they don't share that vision and at the very least do not believe in Cam Smith.