The top 2 potential FAs at every position of need for the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins won't have a lot of money to spend heading into free agency but we know they can create whatever they want.
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Defensively, the Dolphins will need to address defensive tackle. Raekwon Davis and Christian Wilkins both could leave in FA.

We mentioned Chris Jones as the top DT in free agency and according to most 2024 ranking sites, Wilkins is number two. That creates a problem for the Dolphins because they have one guy in the house now but don't seem to want to pay his value.

Justin Madubuike - Will the Baltimore Ravens allow him to hit free agency? That is a great question but the Ravens tend to do pretty good developing talent and they could be able to replace him. Madubuike would be a good signing for the Dolphins. He was consistent with his pass rushing and is excellent against the run.

Leonard Williams - Williams is in a similar position to Brian Burns. A new coaching regime will make changes across the board and Williams could be part of their future or could be viewed as replaceable. The Seahawks traded for Williams costing them a 2nd and 5th round pick. Hard to imagine they simply let him hit the market and get nothing in return.