NFL Mock Draft Of The Week: And The Miami Dolphins Select…


Each week will try and feature a new NFL mock draft to give you an idea of where things might head for the Miami Dolphins come the end of April when the NFL hosts the draft. This week the mock comes from Josh Sanchez of

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Sanchez has the Miami Dolphins taking Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon with their pick at number 14 overall.

"Lamar Miller has been solid, but Melvin Gordon has the potential to be one of the next standout running backs in the NFL. With comparisons to Jamaal Charles, the Dolphins may not be able to pass on a player of this caliber midway through the first-round. It would also take some pressure off of Ryan Tannehill — which is something Dolphins fans will likely not be opposed to."

While Gordon is an electrifying player and Sanchez is right in his assessment of Gordon possibly becoming the next standout running back, it’s a position the Dolphins don’t need to address in round one. In fact it would be a complete shock if the Dolphins went this route on draft day.

What the Dolphins need is help at linebacker, safety, defensive line, offensive line, wide-receiver, and cornerback. What they don’t need is a running back…well they do but they can address that in free agency or later in the draft. The days of drafting runners in round one are dwindling which is why Sanchez may be on target. The Dolphins do things differently at times.

Gordon is a top running back and he very well could be a huge playmaking star in Miami. There are a lot of fans who would love this pick.

In his draft, most of the top wide-receivers are already off the board but players like DT Danny Shelton and linebacker Shaq Thompson are not. A lot will change between now and the draft and players will rise while others fall but this seems a bit of reach to me for a team with a 1,000 yard running back on their roster and needs at many different positions. Don’t get me wrong, the Dolphins need more than Miller at running back and while he had a very good season last year the team still needs a starting compliment as Miller won’t be able to carry the ball 25-30 times a game. I just don’t see it coming in the form of a first round pick.  Which likely means it will.