Peter King thinks Miami Dolphins will move up in the draft

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The Miami Dolphins hold the 11th pick in next months draft and Peter King believes they will move up in the draft for a quarterback.

It is hard to figure out what exactly the Dolphins will do between now and the moment that their first pick in the draft comes onto the clock and begins ticking down but it is possible that Miami could be on the phone long before that selection is started on a countdown clock.

Enter Peter King.

The Sports Illustrated writer believes that the Dolphins could be in play to move up to number six in the draft. A trade that would put the Indianapolis Colts at 11 after making another trade. King says that not only would they be interested in moving down further but that they “want” to.

In his latest column King talks about the potential of four quarterbacks going in the first six picks of the draft. He slots Sam Darnold to the Browns and has the Buffalo Bills jumping up to number two. King surmises that the Bills are interested in Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen. A big arm talent who needs polishing.

At number three the Jets are taking Baker Mayfield. At least that is who King is slotting to the Jets. King begins to go off script a bit with the Giants who traded with the Bills jumping back up to four to take Saquon Barkley but it would be surprising if the Browns passed on him at four to make a trade. It would have to be a great deal for Cleveland.

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At five King believes that while the Broncos will strongly consider Josh Rosen they will not pass on the top defensive rusher, Bradley Chubb. He admits that in the next six weeks it will likely change.

Then comes six. King points out that while the Bills are known to want to move up and likely will, the Dolphins are a team that could be a surprise. He points out that Miami may be in love with Mayfield but concerns about Ryan Tannehill’s long-term viability is a question. He has them trading with the Colts and drafting Josh Rosen at six. He mentions that it might cost the Dolphins a second round pick to move up the five spots.

At this point everything is conjecture and opinion and even someone who is dialed in like King isn’t dialed in to what teams will actually do in the draft. So with that, there you go, a trade up for a quarterback not named Baker Mayfield. Don’t you just love/hate this time of year?

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