Five quarterbacks Miami Dolphins could add later in the draft

MOBILE, AL - JANUARY 27: Kyle Lauletta
MOBILE, AL - JANUARY 27: Kyle Lauletta /

The Miami Dolphins are high on Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen if the press is to be believed. Both likely gone by Miami’s pick, there are other QB’s in this draft.

When the Miami Dolphins make their selection on Thursday night it probably won’t be for a quarterback. That will likely come in the later rounds if at all. How the Dolphins grade the quarterbacks is anyone’s guess at this point and even the love for Mayfield and Rosen could be nothing more than a smokescreen in and of itself.

At some point however the Dolphins should draft a quarterback. One that can be groomed behind Ryan Tannehill for two years. One that can learn from Adam Gase and get to know his system inside and out and one who is not taken in round seven for grins and giggles.

The second round will have a lot of talented quarterbacks but Miami has bigger needs at that point and should address those needs with their second round pick. Don’t be surprised if the Dolphins find a way back into the second half of round two if a quarterback is there that they believe won’t be around in the third.

That being said, the Dolphins could wait until the mid-rounds to draft a quarterback but who will be available is again, the drama of the NFL Draft. Using the rankings of here are some quality quarterbacks that could be drafted by the Dolphins on day two or three.

Mason Rudolph – Oklahoma State

Rudolph is projected to go anywhere between the first and third round but his stock has been rising lately. It is possible that the New England Patriots draft him with one of their two first round picks. If they pass he will likely go somewhere in round two.

Rudolph, according to Walterfootball needs to work on accuracy issues but he has good size for a quarterback. There is a learning curve with this quarterback but there is with any of them including the top four rated QB’s. Rudolph will be served well by sitting behind an established starter wherever he goes.

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Luke Falk – Washington State

Considered to be a round two through four quarterback, it is likely he will be gone by the end of round two given the high demand for quarterbacks this year. Falk has very good accuracy and ball placement with good arm strength. Mobility is a concern and that will turn some teams off.

Kyle Lauletta – Richmond

Lauletta has been gaining a lot of discussion as the draft approaches and some are believing that he will go in round two but he is more likely a mid-third talent or even a fourth rounder. Lauletta has a lot of good qualities and he is mobile. He leads by example and plays hard which is something that other players respect.

Mike White – Western Kentucky

White is a local prospect who has met with the Dolphins. He had an excellent Senior Bowl and really got noticed on that stage. Considered a day three prospect this could be a solid addition for the Dolphins in round four or five. Earlier this week WalterFootball updated their notes and said that some teams view him as a late draft pick or even an undrafted pick. White is going to need to develop no matter where he goes.

Chase Litton – Marshall

Another player similar to White who could be drafted in round five or perhaps not at all. This is where the quarterback crops starts to dwindle considerably. White and Litton both are good quarterbacks but how well will they translate to the NFL? A good quarterbacks coach is a must but as WalterFootball pointed out with both of them, some see them as only NFL back-ups at best.


The Dolphins need to find a quarterback even though Brock Osweiller is on the roster. Outside of Rosen, Mayfield, Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, and Lamar Jackson the drop off is significant. Drafting one of these five will not be viewed as a future replacement for Ryan Tannehill but given the proper coaching and support over the next two years, maybe they can compete.

If the Dolphins seriously want a quarterback in this draft, one of these five players could be in play for the Dolphins somewhere between the late 2nd and 6th.