Dolphins draft: 5 pick combinations in rounds 1 and 2 that would make Chris Grier a God!

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1. Thanks, I hate it: Tyler Guyton and Jaden Hicks

This is a combination of someone who is definitely not a scheme fit and someone who is just not a need right now. Someone will take Tyler Guyton fairly high, but I don't love his tape. He is big, doesn't move super well, and can only play tackle. I'm looking for a scheme fit that has some guard flexibility so he can play right away. Jaden Hicks feels like a bit of a wasted pick because I don't feel Miami has a desperate need for safety even though I could see them taking one in this draft. I just hope they don't take one in round 2.

2. Probably good players but not a need: Cooper DeJean and Adisa Isaac

This does feel a bit on-brand for Chris Grier sometimes. In this case, the Dolphins get two players I really like, but they are not needed. We need help in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Both of these players being available is certainly possible, and while I wouldn't mind getting one of them, both of them feel like a disaster. They both may end up being great players, but the offensive line needs to be one of the first two picks for sure.

3. Mr. Fantastic, the draft: Xavier Worthy and Kingsley Suamataia

This is tough because I think both players could be great in this offense, but both players would be a reach here. Kingsley is extremely raw and would need time to develop. Sure he could play guard, but even then, he needs time to grow and develop. Worthy would be a worthy (I'm sorry) successor to Tyreek Hill and a perfect guy for Tyreek to help develop for the next year or two. However, the first round seems a bit steep for him unless it's a trade-down, and even then, we have more pressing needs.