Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft: Fins Trade Down, Address Huge Needs

Over the next few weeks, as hype around the draft builds, I will be pumping out Dolphins centric and full NFL mock drafts. This is my first full 7 round Dolphins mock.
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Round 6 - Pick 184 - Justin Eboigbe - DT - Alabama

Justin Eboigbe
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I think Eboigbe may go higher than this, but he fell in this mock, so I scooped him up. Eboigbe is a big, strong, prototype defensive tackle. He has long arms and uses his length to extend against offensive linemen and push-pull in pass-rush situations. He is not super athletic, and it shows on tape, but he is a strong run defender who rarely gets pushed around and requires double teams. At 6'4" and 290lbs, he is capable of playing anywhere from a 1 technique, to a big end, and wouldn't feel out of place. I like him as a project and someone with extensive experience playing a lot at a blue-blood university. Coming from a place like Alabama, he should be able to hit the ground running.

Round 6 - Pick 198 - Khristian Boyd - DT - Northern Iowa

Brock Purdy, Khristian Boyd
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I am aware this is trench-heavy late in the draft, but with off-season additions at DT, I still feel good throwing picks against the wall late to see if anyone sticks. Eboigbe and Boyd will be good moldable players with high upside that could rotate in at times if needed. Boyd is a big dude at 6'2" and 329lbs and clocked an impressive 38 reps on the bench press at his pro day. Dissimilar to Eboigbe, Boyd is quicker off the ball and more fluid as an athlete, but has short arms, and that hurts him at times. He needs to improve with his hands, and sometimes too easy to move when playing as a 1 tech. Watching the tape, I felt many of his deficiencies were coachable, which makes me think he has at least some potential late down the board. People are on him as one of the sleepers in the draft, so he may not be around in the 6th. I have seen his stock rise as high as a top 100 pick. But if he is here, why not take a shot in the 6th?

Round 7 - Pick 241 - Dominique Hampton - S - Washington

Dominique Hampton
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Round 7, typically, is shot in the dark territory. How about a big, long, fast safety? Sure! Why not? Hampton doesn't have elite production in terms of his numbers, but he is very athletic in the back end of the defense and has the potential to improve with NFL coaching. He has impressively long arms boasting a 6 foot 7 inch wingspan. He is a willing tackler but sometimes struggles with pursuit. With Brandon Jones' departure, bringing in another safety for depth is a good idea. I like Hampton here, but there are a handful of decent safeties that could make it to the 7th round.