One of these five offensive tackles should be targets for the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have two picks inside the top 55 for the upcoming draft, and many fans would like to see the team address the offensive line. I'm going to give you my list of the top 5 tackle prospects the Dolphins could draft.
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5. Frank Crum - LT - Wyoming - Projected 5th Rd - 7th Rd

There are obviously better tackles than Crum in the middle rounds. I like Roger Rosengarten, Blake Fisher, and Caeden Wallace. However, many of those guys would likely go in rounds 2-5, and I wanted to include a late-round shot in the dark here. If Miami wants to take a shot on a late-round tackle, Crum is as interesting as they come. He is a massive 6'8", 313lbs, and ran a sub 5s 40-yard dash. He is a 4-year starter with tons of experience, long arms, and terrific athleticism. He may only have the potential to be a quality backup or swing tackle in the league, but with Miami's recent history with O-Line injuries, a solid swing tackle late in the draft would be a great pick. Rounds 5-7 are where you draft athletic freaks and see if you can develop them; Crum is that athletic freak.