Rich Eisen's Dolphins take will anger Bills fans and we're thrilled about that

Miami is impressing at least one mainstream media personality with their roster.
Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

It's not often that a top mainstream media member gives the Miami Dolphins the respect they deserve, even if it is only paper words. Rich Eisen took some time to talk about what the Dolphins offense looks like and what it means for the AFC East, something that will surely break more tables in Buffalo.

Eisen called the Dolphins offense "loaded" and said they should be "ranked first to win the division." He isn't lying. Miami's offense may have some issues, but they are deep with talent and Eisen showcases just how deep.

The Dolphins are in a great spot to win the AFC East this season

Eisen is quick to mention the Dolphins' group of running backs, something that was left off a recent ESPN article ranking the Top 10 runners in the league. Eisen also points out that the fourth-best RB on the roster is Jeff Wilson Jr.

From the depth at pass-catchers, including a Malik Washington mention, to the addition of Jonnu Smith, Eisen sees the Dolphins for what they are, a great offensive football team that is on the verge of something great.

When Eisen was finished ticking off the offensive talent, he switched over to the beef on defense. Sure, Miami may have some questions, but with the addition of Calais Campbell, the eventual return of Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips, and, of course, the unit getting more help with the addition of veteran Shaq Barrett, the Dolphins are a team that looks good on both sides of the ball.

Bills fans will be quick to point out that many league experts expect Buffalo to run it back and win the division. Many also have the Jets taking the top spot or, at the very least, the second spot in the division, but Eisen doesn't see it that way. When you square up the team-to-team comparisons, the Dolphins are the squad that the others should be chasing. We won't argue with that.