Miami Dolphins 2016 mock draft

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The Miami Dolphins 2015 season is far from over. Yet barring major structural changes including the head coach or at the very least major changes to the way the defense if being run, the Dolphins may as well start looking towards April.

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The Dolphins have been embarrassing this season through three games and that includes the win over Washington in week one. Had it not been for a Jarvis Landry punt return touchdown the Dolphins very easily and likely would be staring at an 0-3 start. If the season ended today the Dolphins would be 14th but the season doesn’t end today and honestly, with the way they are playing it’s likely they will only fall further down the draft order.

Consider that the teams that would picking higher than the Dolphins are teams like the Giants, Seahawks, Rams, Chargers, Eagles, Ravens, and Lions. All of those teams have struggled early but does anyone believe that they will remain where they are? Of course not. Why? Simply put they may have the same or worse records after three weeks but are all playing a lot harder than the Dolphins are. In other words, they have far more potential to turn their seasons around.

The Dolphins have shown no signs of being able to do that.

Miami will head to London this week to face the New York Jets who share the same 1-2 record as the Dolphins. They are playing hard even if their record doesn’t show it. Something needs to give for the Dolphins and a win against New York may very well be what this team needs as they leave London and head into their bye week. Coaching is a huge problem right now and while many will say the players are also responsible, and they would be right, the coaches have shown no inclination to getting this team prepared to play games on Sunday’s.

The Dolphins are loaded with starting talent but lack depth. They have no one that can play the corner opposite Brent Grimes, can’t figure out how to protect Ryan Tannehill, and are still going with Walt Aikens at safety despite three consecutive poor showings.

On Sunday the Dolphins got embarrassed by the Buffalo Bills and that embarrassment is accentuated by the fact that Richie Incognito played very very good at left guard. Dan Carpenter was his usual accurate self despite missing one. Chris “always open” Hogan broke for a deep touchdown and former Dolphins tight-end Charles Clay made the Miami defense look non-existent on his touchdown catch and run. Four players that at one time or another were on the Dolphins roster but couldn’t cut it. Yet once again we see former Dolphins players making impacts on teams after they leave.


The 2016 draft is going to be interesting because we don’t know who will be running the general manager position. It’s safe to assume that Mike Tannenbaum will run the draft entirely. Dennis Hickey no longer seems safe after his two drafts have included far too many small school players and not enough impact players. The Dolphins simply can’t ignore positions of need anymore.

This past April the Dolphins spent a 2nd round pick on another defensive lineman. Jordan Phillips has looked decent when he has been on the field and has the teams only sack of the season. He was also a healthy scratch on Sunday as the coaches opted to keep him inactive for one of the most important games of this early season.

In 2016 the Dolphins will have eight draft picks if they resist the temptation to start moving picks for players or players for picks by seasons end. One pick in each of the first six rounds and two picks in round seven thanks to the trade of Will Davis. While it’s hard to imagine the team nailing the draft and fan confidence not all that high right now, it’s impossible to imagine anything that could go right seven months from now when nothing has gone right for them to start this season.

What makes this entire subject more troubling is the fact that we are talking about it, looking ahead to it, in week three of the new NFL season. Yet on the field, Miami is bad enough to warrant such talk.

Here is a look at a possible mock draft for the 2016 season giving Miami a top five selection in the draft which is exactly where the team is headed right now.

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