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The Miami Dolphins will have 51 years of drafts after this weekend is over. Looking back through history Miami has had some great draft picks and some not so great. What if you had to fill a team from the entire history of Dolphins drafts?

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It seems that everyone want’s to put together a list of the “best Dolphins drafts” or the “worst Dolphins drafts” and so on. The Miami Dolphins themselves posted the best picks by round on their site. Not one for wanting to copy I thought about what else could we do with the history of Dolphins draft picks and then the idea hit me upside the head.

What if you had to create a 22 man team from the Dolphins draft classes? Well that’s already been done. But what if you could only put two players per round on either side of the ball? It would make it a lot harder.

So here is how it will work. I have selected the best offensive and best defensive players in Dolphins draft history but I could only pick two offensive players drafted in round one and two defensive players drafted in round one. The same with rounds two through seven. Knowing of course that the draft used to be a lot longer than seven rounds the 7th round selections will actually be culled from the 7th round on. Only one player will be drafted in rounds five, six, and seven to make an 11 man unit.

We are not going to add special teams players to this list but it should be noted that Jim Jensen would most definitely make it as a utility player.


Round 1

QB – Dan Marino: The cornerstone to a successful team is to have someone who can call the shots and Dan Marino can do that. His gunslinger mentality was matched by his ego and his play on the field is legendary.

RB: Larry Csonka: Taken in the first round of the 1968 draft, Csonka paved his way by brutally attacking defenders on his way to a Hall of Fame career. Put him in this modern day era of football and Csonka would still thrive.

Round 2

C – Dwight Stephenson: It’s hard to believe that this Hall of Fame offensive lineman lasted until the 2nd round but in 1980 that is exactly what happened. The Dolphins selected him with the 48th overall pick.

WR – Mark Duper: Honestly selecting Duper wasn’t that hard but it was difficult to pass on Keith Sims who’s guard play was phenomenal for the Dolphins. But really can anyone justify not having Mark Duper on an all-time list?

Round 3

WR – Nat Moore: The Dolphins selected Nat Moore with the 78th pick in the 1974 draft. Moore would play 13 seasons in Miami and is still involved with the organization today as the head of the Miami Dolphins Alumni Association.

RB – Mercury Morris: We took the bruiser in round one and now have the lightning to go with him. Morris was quick and elusive and had the modern NFL mentality. Morris was drafted in round 3 of the 1969 draft.

Round 4

T – Ronnie Lee: Lee entered the Dolphins as a tight end but was released after four seasons. He would spend one season in Atlanta and return to Miami spending another six seasons at guard and tackle. He will play right tackle.

LT – Jeff Dellenbach: Drafted as a center in 1985, Dellenbach spent 10 of his 15 NFL seasons in Miami. Dellenbach played center, left tackle, and right tackle in his career as well as spot duty at guard.

Round 5

TE: Ferrell Edmunds: Edmunds spent five seasons with the Dolphins before finishing his career with two seasons in Seattle. In 1989 and 90, Edmunds made the pro-bowl. He started 57 of 66 games for the Dolphins.

Round 6

G – Ed Newman: Newman was one of the longest tenured Dolphins in franchise history playing for the team for 12 seasons and making four pro-bowls. He played only for the Dolphins his entire career.

Round 7 –

G – Harry Galbreath: Galbreath played 9 years in the NFL with his first five seasons coming in Miami. He started 75 of of his 78 games for the Dolphins at guard.

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