Miami Dolphins at 50: Top 10 TEs

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No. 1 – Randy McMichael

McMichael is the most productive tight end in the history of the Miami Dolphins. He leads the franchise with 283 receptions and 3,096 yards at the position. His numbers are so good that they tower over the second most productive TE with McMichael accumulating nearly 30 more catches and over 600 more yards than Bruce Hardy.

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However, tight ends are usually lethal in the red zone, but McMichael is fourth among TEs with 18 career touchdowns, trailing Mandich, Fasano, and Hardy.

McMichael has the single most productive season of any tight end in the history of the Dolphins. His 73 receptions and 791 yards in 2004 set an all-time mark for tight ends, a season that only Charles Clay has come even remotely close to reaching.

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He also has the fourth (2006), seventh (2003), and ninth (2005) best single seasons amongst tight ends in franchise history.

To top it all off, McMichael never missed a game for Miami, starting every single contest from his rookie season and on. He only missed time in his seventh NFL season while with the St. Louis Rams.

Considering McMichael played for the Dolphins during the very beginning of the dark ages and still turned out to be an extremely productive tight end speaks volumes of his skillset. Dolphins fans can only wonder what could have been had the front office been able to acquire a legitimate quarterback and given McMichael an explosive offense rather than an endless supply of duds.

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